Newsletter - 2nd half Summer Term 2021

02 July 2021

Newsletter - 2nd half Summer Term 2021


Dear Parents,


We hope you all have a lovely half-term week, and that you and your families are all keeping safe and well. We would like to offer a very warm welcome back to Bert who is returning to pre-school for the rest of this term.


With the end of term in sight, we have lots happening for our last half-term of the year. 


This term's progress meetings with parents will take place between 5th and 8th July, and is your chance to have a catch-up with your child's keyperson, and share information regarding your child's next steps. With Covid restrictions now easing, we are proposing to give parents the choice to either meet in person outside, or to schedule a phone call if preferred. We will be speaking to you individually to arrange your meetings, but the proposed dates for each keyperson are as follows: Monday 5th July – Siobhán, Tuesday 6th July – Becky, Wednesday 7th July – Katie and Thursday 8th July – Kelly. We hope you make these dates, and will try to accommodate everyone.


Next we will be holding our Pre-School Sports Day on the afternoon of Tuesday 6th July! This is always a popular event, and is a good oppportunity to support your children and meet with other families. We would ask parents to sign children out of pre-school at 2pm, after which time you will be responsible for your children whilst the staff organise the races! Please complete and return the slip below so that we can plan the races for the children. We really hope you can all make it, it's always a lot of fun!


Finally, we are proposing to have an end of term trip to Frankie's Fun Factory in Romsey on our last day of term, Thursday 22nd July. The plan would be to meet there at 10am, and the children will all be free to play until midday, when they can all have a buffet lunch. There will be no cost for each child plus one adult, but ask that bring your child and stay at the venue for the duration of the visit. For insurance reasons, staff are not able to transport any of the children themselves, but if you are unable to accompany your child, you may be able to 'team-up' with another family if you are happy to do this, but please be aware that you will be responsible for any children that arrive with you. Obviously, our staff team will be there to help once you arrive! In order to gauge how many of you would be interested in this, please complete and return the slip below so that we can book as soon as possible.


For both Sports Day and the End of Term Trip, all children are invited to attend regardless of whether they would normally attend pre-school on these days. Please note that pre-school will be closed on the day of the end of term trip. If you have any queries or concerns regarding these events, please don't hesitate to speak to us.


 Please make a note of the 'dates for your diary' below,


Best wishes,

Becky, Katie, Kelly and Siobhán.


Dates for your diary:


Pre-school progress meetings with parents:

Monday 5th July – Thursday 8th July 2021


Sports Day:

Tuesday 6th July 2021 from 2pm on the field


Proposed End of Term Trip to Frankie's Fun Factory and last day of term for the children:

(Pre-school will be closed)

Thursday 22nd July 2021 from 10am


Inset Day:

Friday 23rd July 2021


Summer Holiday:

Monday 26th July 2021 – Wednesday 1st September 2021