Newsletter - 1st Half Summer Term 2021

28 April 2021

Newsletter - 1st half Summer Term 2021


Dear Parents,


We hope you all had a lovely Easter break, and that you and your families are all keeping safe and well. We would like to offer a very warm welcome to Sophie who is joining us this term.


We will be exploring our minibeast theme a little further this term by having our very own caterpillars to look after, which will help the children to learn about lifecycles as we watch them change into butterflies. We will also be exploring growth by planting strawberries and making cress-heads. We will incorporate this into all areas of learning, and we have lots of crafts and learning opportunities on offer during both adult-led and child-initiated activities.


With the weather seemingly improving, please could you ensure that your child has a clearly labelled sunhat and their own labelled bottle of suncream at pre-school. These will be kept at pre-school so that they are always available for each session you child attends during the summer term. We will re-apply suncream at lunchtime for those that are staying all day, but please make sure that you have applied suncream to your child before dropping off in the morning – many thanks!




After a year of not being able to plan any fundraising activities, we now have some ideas for raising money to help improve our outside space. We have lots of big ideas including resurfacing to make the area more  hardwearing, and more outdoor equipment for physical development, but need your help to achieve our goals! We are proposing to hold a fancy-dress Dance-a-thon later on this term, for all the children to attend. We're hoping it will be loads of fun, as well as kicking off our project. We will provide more information once we've got more details – watch this space!


Some general reminders on how we are staying safe at pre-school regarding the Covid situation


Although thankfully we are starting to see Covid measures easing, we will still be observing the measures that were put in place last term, until we receive further updates. We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents for supporting us by observing the measures we have in place for everyone's safety. We have a one-way system to help with social-distancing when dropping off and collecting your child, which is to come up the ramp when dropping off or collecting your child, and then exiting via the steps. We also request that you wear a facemask when dropping off/collecting your child, and our staff will be wearing facemasks too - your help with observing this is much appreciated. We will continue to limit the amount of visitors and parents inside pre-school, so please wait outside until a member of staff comes to greet the children who will be seen inside one-by-one. If you need to visit pre-school at a time other than drop off or pick up, please ring the doorbell, and a member of staff will come to the door. On arrival, all children will be helped to use the hand-sanitiser before entering the main room. All children and staff will have their temperature taken at the start of the day. If your child records a temperature of more than 37.9ºC, we will contact you to come and collect your child, and ask you to keep them home from pre-school until a test has been given, and then please keep us informed of the outcome. For any child that displays any symptoms of Covid-19 whilst at pre-school, please see the separate government guidance at the end of this newsletter for further information. Please do not bring your child into pre-school if you have given them Calpol (or similar), as this can mask a high temperature, and potentially spread infection unknowingly. All of these measures are in place in order to keep the children, their families and our staff safe. Staff are now provided with lateral flow tests to be completed at home, and we are all doing this twice a week. Should any member of staff record a positive result, we will be in contact with parents to explain the situation.


To reduce the risk of spreading infection, we are asking you to provide water bottles labelled with your child's name, which we will keep at pre-school, and these will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day. We are also asking that we limit personal belongings coming into pre-school, so please help us with this by leaving any toys at home – we have plenty of resources for everyone, and we're cleaning everything thoroughly at the end of each session.


Please also ensure that your child has plenty of spare clothing available, in a clearly labelled bag, as we are unable to use the pre-school spare clothing at the current time – thank you.


With cleaning required at the end of each session, the staff need to start this as soon as possible after 3pm when the children have left. With this in mind, please ensure that you arrive on time to collect your child. If you can let us know by phone when you know you are going to be late, that would be very helpful. Our collection policy states that there may be a fine of £5 for every five minutes after the end of each session if you are persistently late for collection.


Some general reminders/useful information:


Please could we request that any communication regarding your child's attendance is done via the pre-school phone number or e-mail address only, and not by contacting individual staff on their personal numbers or social media. This will enable us to share information appropriately and in the best interests of your child. Our phone number is 07530 893773 or you can e-mail us at Your help with this would be much appreciated, thank you.


Uniform – we have most sizes in stock if you would like your child to have any of our range of tops. A lot of parents find having uniform helpful, as it saves other clothes from getting messy! It also gives the children a sense of belonging as well as preparing them for primary school. If you would like to purchase anything, just speak to a member of staff and we'll check the stock for you. T-shirts are £6, crew-neck sweatshirts £12, and the hoodies are £13. If possible, please make payments in cash, in an envelope marked 'uniform' and including your child's name – many thanks.


Snack time – please ensure that your child arrives with a snack for mid-morning, in a named container or bag. This should consist of some fruit or vegetables of your choice, and can be topped up with dry crackers or breadsticks if you would like to, but no sweet biscuits please. At the moment, we also need the fruit/veg to be chopped at home to avoid contamination. We will of course all be washing hands thoroughly first, and will help the children if needed! Children can have their own water bottles with their snack, but we will also offer milk in a disposal cup if they would prefer this.


Lunchboxes – please provide at least one portion of fruit or veg in each lunchbox, and again if you could prepare this for your child in advance it will help to avoid contamination. In particular, grapes should be cut in half as they can be a choking hazard, and if you can chop or peel any other items it would be greatly appreciated. You are welcome to supply a fruit juice drink for your child if you wish, but all children will be offered water where no drink is supplied. We are happy for children to have crisps or small cakes/chocolate biscuits with their lunch, but we will always encourage them to eat any healthier foods first before eating 'treat' items.  Please do not include fizzy drinks or sweets in lunchboxes, as these will be sent home – thank you. We are a 'nut-free' pre-school, so please do not include items containing nuts – thank you. If your child has any particular dietary requirements, or if you have any concerns, please feel free to speak to us about this.


Please make a note of the 'dates for your diary' below,


Best wishes,

Becky, Katie, Kelly and Siobhán.


Dates for your diary:


Bank Holiday:

Monday 3rd May 2021


Half-term holiday:

Monday 31st May 2021 – Friday 4th June 2021


Inset Day:

Friday 23rd July 2021


Summer Holiday:

Monday 26th July 2021 – Wednesday 1st September 2021